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21 Days to get back on track with eating well and feeling great

Online nutrition courses with Naturopath Helen Goodwin starting Monday 23rd June 2014



indexAbout Helen

Helen Goodwin is an experienced Naturopath and nutrition lecturer. who has taught hundreds of people about the true value of good food and health.

Helen has been running courses on nutrition and teaching cookery, in Melbourne and the UK, since 2001.

She has also been a feature writer for the Australian Natural Health magazine for over three years and assisted Chef Tony Chiodo with his cookbook ‘Feel Good Food”.


cupAbout the course

The course takes place online and is the perfect way to develop your nutritional no-how and make positive and long lasting changes to the way you eat and drink.

Each day you will receive a particular nutritional tip, such as “Choose small amounts of natural sweeteners” or “Include healthy fats with your food”, along with guidance and recommendations, which you follow just for that day.

You will receive 21 tips in total, covering every aspect of nutrition, along with well written articles you can keep, links to videos, websites and organisations, that will literally open up a whole new world of food for you.

The private Facebook group page also offers you the chance to connect with other people, so you can share tips and keep motivated.


What to expect from the four week course

Week 1 – Getting back to basics by adding the correct nutrients to you day

During week 1, you will:

  • Learn about the benefits of drinking pure fresh water and where to find it.
  • Discover which quality protein foods are essential to your day.
  • Uncover the truth about fat and why you need it in your life.
  • Feel confident in knowing which breads and cereals are beneficial to your health.
  • Find inspiring ways to include more vegetables into your day.


Week 2 – Discover healthier alternatives to common food foes

During week 2, you will:

  • learn about sugar and the healthy way to include it into your life.
  • Develop a brand new perspective and relationship to caffeine.
  • Realise that salt is good for you, provided you reach for the good stuff.
  • Discover why dairy foods can make you feel blah and ways in which you can overcome this.


Week 3 – Let’s take a look at the quality of your food and eating habits

During week 3, you will:

  • Look at how and where you eat and discover how this effects your digestion, energy levels, sleep and even weight.
  • Discover the joy and value of eating seasonal foods.
  • Understand how to read a food label and get past all the marketing hype.
  • Learn how to sprout your own foods
  • Discover the amazing world of fermented (probiotic) foods


Week 4 – This week give your body a rest from foods that detract from your best health

During week 4, you will:

  • Have a meat free and soy free day, delving into the secrets of a healthy vegetarian diet.
  • Discover delicious, nutritious and easy dairy free alternatives.
  • Understand why wheat and gluten are targeted as such problem foods and enjoy a gluten free day.
  • Put everything you have learn’t together into an easy, everyday, personalised programme.



  • All course material is freely available for download.
  • A free e-book at the end of the course, that includes recipes and links discovered during the course.
  • Email access to Helen with any questions.
  • Private facebook group


Helen’s nutrition courses really work!

‘Helen is incredibly knowledgeable about health and nutrition and delivers information in a manner which is easy to understand and apply.’ Laini Liberman

‘I have loved it! (the course) It’s been easy to implement and I have enjoyed peoples comments and tips. It’s encouraging knowing that other people are on the same quest as me at the same time.’ Kelsang Samsang

‘Thank you Helen for a fabulous course! It’s helped me become more conscious of my whole lifestyle.’ Yasmin Volmero

‘I really like the one action a day approach, it’s not overwhelming this way.’ Fiona Elms Graham

‘Thank you for the education, all the information is invaluable.’ Sally Evans


Any questions?

Call Helen on 0406 609 008 or email

This entire course plus bonuses is available for just $80! (for a limited time only), which is less than a standard Naturopathic consultation.

You can book online at the bottom of this page.


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Terms and conditions

A full refund is available until two weeks prior to the course start date, after that you are able to transfer the fee to a future course but no refunds will be given.