Just for today living

You know when you want to make changes to your diet and health but life gets busy, or you have a bad day and everything goes out the window. Well, let me just say that unless you live on a retreat, have a private chef and fitness trainer, or are incredibly disciplined, you are completely normal.

I started Just for Today Living shortly after my son was born, it was a way for me to transfer my experiences as a naturopath and nutrition lecturer onto the online world, whilst I juggled mum life.

I provide personal consultations, food coaching and online nutrition courses to help you make the changes that you want, at a pace that suits you, in a way that will last forever. You just need to take things one day at a time.

About my journey with food

I truly believe in the benefits of eating a nutritious and delicious diet. Not because I’ve been trained to do so, or because I read it in a book somewhere but from personal experience and those of the many people that have come to my nutrition and cooking classes and whose health and attitudes towards food has been transformed.

My own journey with food has been a rocky one. I became very ill in my late twenties, no doubt from my lifestyle and the terrible diet that I was eating. Croissants, coffee and cigarettes for breakfast, burgers for dinner and most likely nothing for lunch, I think you get the picture.

With the help of a Naturopath and a very strict diet that I undertook for over a year, I began to turn things around. My skin started to glow, my digestion improved and the headaches became a thing of the past. I would love to say that this was all it took and I have been a picture of health ever since but that would be a lie.

I have had to work at developing a way of eating that suits my particularly sensitive constitution. I’ve tried the macrobiotic approach, the raw food diet, paleo, grain free, gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian! I’ve been impossibly strict with myself, let it all go to pot and have now found my middle path.

I’m human and I love food, so I enjoy and let things slide from time to time, without any guilt but I now have the tools to get back on track. Eating good food has been the foundation that has helped me through some really tough times in life, enabled me to have a glowing pregnancy and got me through two years of sleepless nights with my son.

I may look in the mirror and see an older version of me but on the inside I feel a lot younger and healthier than I did when I was in my twenties.

Qualifications and experience

Personal journey aside, I’m a qualified Naturopath who’s been registered with the ANTA (Australian Natural Therapists Association) since 2005.

I’ve also been in private practise and running nutrition classes and courses in Melbourne and the UK since 2001.

I was a regular feature writer for the Australian Natural Health Magazine for several years, before my son was born, and assisted wholefood chef Tony Chiodo with cooking classes and the creation of his cookbook “Feel Good Food”.

I have run cooking classes for children and adults who are on specialist diets, worked as a private cook and been involved with the hospitality industry for over twenty years.

My toughest audience, so far, have been the apprentice chefs I taught nutrition to for many years. These students were not afraid to let me know I was being a boring, crap teacher and could I please make learning about healthy food simple, interesting and fun! I think they transformed me far more than I them.

After my son was born I created the Three 21 Wellness Foundation a website that provides free natural health information for families who have children with Down syndrome.

I also run a private online cookery club for parents who have children with disabilities, in particular Down syndrome.

How can I contribute to your life and health?

Well, this is of course the million dollar question and an important one to think about, before you invest your time, money and energy with me.

Of course much of the success of any lifestyle or health programme ultimately comes down to you, which is often why it’s so difficult to get started in the first place, as you have to be ready for change.

From my side of the relationship, I will consider all aspects of your life and current circumstances both physically, emotionally and practically, before tailoring a programme for you. There’s simply no point in prescribing a course of action that’s going to feel overwhelming.

You will have a much better working knowledge about food after we’ve met, so you can more deeply understand the reason why certain foods, or the way you eat them might be causing you hassle. People often comment that they find me easy to talk too, that they never feel intimidated or judged by me. Perhaps that’s because of my own personal struggles with health, diet and recovery.

I really do understand what it’s like to feel awful and not know why and also not know what to do or where to start in order to change that. I also know what it feels like to be lacking in time, money and motivation to get into the kitchen and create something healthy, especially if you have fussy eaters in the house!

I can’t promise miracles or that I know all the answers but I do promise that I will support and encourage you with knowledge, ideas and inspiration as you make changes in your life.

And lastly about my son

Oliver 2My son Oliver is the person who has solidified my belief in the powerful benefits of good food.

Ollie was born with Down Syndrome, an extra chromosome that creates a lot of additional health challenges. He is nearly seven years old and is bright, alert and glowing with health. I honestly feel that this has much to do with what he eats, what I ate during my pregnancy and more importantly what we don’t eat.

It’s not easy to feed this cheeky chappy, oh no. It’s been a long road with food aversion, sensory feeding issues and unbelievable stubbornness on both our parts! I’ve never spent so much time in the kitchen, adapting and creating snacks and meals that he will eat and at the same time with provide the nutrition he needs.

When I look at how comfortable Oliver is in his healthy body and how much I’m assisting him in building a strong physical foundation for the rest of his life, I know it’s worth the effort.

I look forward to connecting with you and assisting in any way I can towards your food and health goals.

Helen x