Book your consultation with Helen

Intial consults last for 90 minutes, which ensures you have a chance to talk about your situation and circumstances in detail.

I will then create a wellness plan based on what you have told me and the goals you wish to achieve.

The plan will include nutritional and cooking advice, recipes, food education and if required herbal medicine and supplement recommendations, that meet you or your child’s specific needs.

Follow up sessions are usually for one hour, however you are always welcome to book a longer time slot if you feel you need it and express sessions, where you may need a quick debrief, are half and hour.

If you need to re-shedule your appointment, please provide at least 24 hours notice, so that your time slot can be made available to someone else and you are not charged a fee. Alternatively you can pass on the appointment to a friend or family member.

Please note that health fund rebates are unfortuantely not available for online consultations.

1.5 hour initial consultation $120

Initial consultations allow you to offload your concerns, clarify your goals and allow me to sort through the muddle and provide you with a clear path forward.

Your bespoke wellness plan will be focused around food, nutrition and cooking, with herbal medicine and supplement recommendations.

You will leave the session feeling lighter, knowing that you have a naturopath by your side who will assist you in reaching your goals.

1 hour follow up consult $80

At your follow up consult, you will have a chance to touch base and discuss how your feeling and any problems you may be experiencing with the wellness plan.

Change can take time and it’s easy to feel dishearted if things aren’t quite going to plan or your not seeing results that you expected. These appointments are vital when it comes to recommiting and finding the support you need to keep on track.

30 minute express $60

You’re flying along with your wellness plan, you’re feeling good and have a handle on the food, the cooking and any recommended herbs and supplements are bringing about results.

A new world has opened up and you have lot’s of questions that need answers. This is the ideal time to book an express session, so you can download and kickstart the next leg of the journey.