What I can do for you

Recipe ideas

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Motivation for change

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Knowledge of food

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Easy to make lasting change

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Practical for family life

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Personal guidance

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How can I contribute to your life and health?

Well, this is of course the million dollar question and an important one to think about, before you invest your time, money and energy with me.

Of course much of the success of any lifestyle or health programme ultimately comes down to you, which is often why it’s so difficult to get started in the first place, as you have to be ready for change.

I really do understand what it’s like to feel awful and not know why and also not know what to do or where to start in order to change that. With this support behind you, I can help if your struggling with food and health and help you to build confidence into your world, so you feel more in control and less overwhelmed.

My guarantee

From my side of the relationship, I guarantee that I will consider all aspects of your life and current circumstances both physically, emotionally and practically, before tailoring a programme for you. There’s simply no point in prescribing a course of action that’s going to feel overwhelming, out of reach financially or is time restrictive.

I can also guarantee that you will have a much better working knowledge of food after we have met, so you can deeply understand the reason why certain foods, or the way you eat them might be causing you hassle. People often comment that they find me easy to talk too, that they never feel intimidated or judged by me. Perhaps that’s because of my own personal struggles with health, diet and recovery.

‘Naturopath Helen Goodwin is exceptionally talented. She is totally committed to an understanding of the cause of ill health and how to remedy that’.

EditorThe Insight MagazineThe Insight Magazine

‘I trust her implicitly in every respect. If I recommend her professionally, I know that my clients will be in safe, caring and capable hands’.

Ron CavedaschiICAK – UK (member), ITEC

“Helen is incredibly knowledgeable about health and nutrition and delivers information in a manner which is easy to understand and apply”.

Laini LibermanClient

“Helen’s nutrition course took me through a journey on a deep level into areas of my health and nutrition, which was very informative, at times confronting but always supportive and positive”.

Heather O’ConnellClient

“You (Helen) presented the workshop in a calming and friendly manner, the information came across clearly and you explained things very well’.

Mandie GreenhamClient

“Thanks so much Helen. I really enjoyed myself on you course, your kind and warm energy is very soothing and encouraging to be around”.

Sarah WattsClient

“Helen is a true inspiration, her knowledge and skills gently guided me through some challenging times to now enjoy a healthy diet”.

Abbe BoegClient